the company


Housing continues to be key in our lives, sell or buying your home will continue to be our main objective, transmitting confidence with personalized advice.


CREDIFINCA has a single priority, that of satisfying the demands of each of its clients, attending to their needs and ensuring that they have all the necessary information, through good advice, at all times, during the process.


At CREDIFINCA we help you and facilitate this important step such as the purchase and sale of your home, supported by professionals with notable careers, such as real estate managers, tax and civil lawyers, architects and financing managers.




Valuations and Assessment


We offer our clients the possibility of carrying out a valuation or appraisal of any real estate asset, since knowing the market value of your property will allow you to make the most appropriate decision for your needs, be it for reasons of inheritance, sale of real estate , division of a joint venture, asset valuation or any other reason, and will allow us to determine the objectives of our relationship.





We are specialized in reforms and comprehensive maintenance, repairs of all trades, created by the experience of professionals with a long history.


Likewise we have the best team of experts in reforms, conservation, thus facilitating the sale process, or making your home more to your liking once the property is purchased, as well as without the need of a purchase and sale operation, if you simply want to do maintenance, improvement and conservation of your property, we will be happy to make your idea a reality.